Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

vacuum cleaner buying guideWe all need to have vacuum cleaners for cleaning up our houses and offices and it proves to be really difficult when you get down to the process of selecting a vacuum cleaner. There are so many points to be noted and conditions to be met and we get really confused for choice.

Tips on selecting a vacuum cleaner:

  • You need to find out what type of vacuum cleaners will suit your needs – Whether you need an upright one or a canister and that in turn depends upon your lifestyle and also your needs. While you need to push the upright vacuums, you need to pull the canister.
  • Another important criterion while selecting a vacuum cleaner is also the total carpeting done on the floors and also whether you have stairs in your house. So, if your house has carpeting from wall to wall and there are tiles in the bathrooms and the kitchen, you would choose the cleaner which will fit the bill perfectly.
  • Also, the kind of fiber that is used in the carpets and the kind of soiling that happens at home.
  • There are also options such as hand vacuums and wet or dry vacuums.
  • You should also be researching what others have to say and the vacuum cleaner reviews @ is a good place to start
  • Also, other important points include the ease of use, capacity, cost of the cleaners, durability etc.

With this information you can now decide on the type of vacuum cleaner you’re looking for. To make your work easier, let us explain what will suit your house perfectly and you can find it easy while selecting a vacuum cleaner.

Which vacuum cleaner is perfect for your home?

If you have stairs in your house then a canister will be the recommended cleaner. The upright one will not be able to help you in this. For houses that have a combination of both smooth floors and carpeting, then also the canister will be the best choice. The vacuum cleaner buying guide is another great resource to utilize when shopping for the best vacuum cleaner.

But, if your house does not have stairs and has wall to wall carpeting made out of synthetic fibers such as Polyester and Nylon, then the upright one will be the best one to go for. It will clean the smooth floors perfectly. And, it also comes with suitable attachments which will help you in doing a detailed cleaning.

There are three variants of canister cleaners, one having no power nozzle and known as straight suction canister. These clean up places which have no carpets. Another one is the turbo power nozzle which comes with nozzle and revolving brush. These work well when there are moderate soiling on the carpets and floors and also work well on rugs made up of natural fiber like jute, coir, sisal etc. Another canister cleaner comes with nozzle and electric motor and will remove the heavy soiling on the carpets easily.

The upright cleaners have brush roll that is revolving and provides the agitation which helps in suction. These work well on the carpets and also smooth floors.